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The efficiency of your LEV system is critical, and any downtime or inefficiency can be costly. Keeping spares on hand ensures that all equipment has a backup in the event of a failure or breakdown, and it also helps to maximise the effectiveness of your LEV system.

What are LEV spares?

Spare parts refer to interchangeable items that are kept on hand to replace parts that become lost, damaged, or worn out over time. There are two types of spare parts; Consumable spares and critical spares.

Consumable Spares are items that over time should deteriorate and are designed to be discarded when worn, on reaching a predetermined condition or on failure. Consumable spares wear out over time due to contact with materials, products, or machinery and can’t typically be repaired. The LEV system can still function normally when these parts fail.

Critical spares are parts that are integral to the functioning of the LEV system and if they are damaged or broken can lead to partial or full system or operational downtime.

The good news is, we can provide both.

What spares we can provide:

We will be able to source any original manufactured spare for all types of equipment that is currently in production

  • Non-woven filter material
  • Depth filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Envelope filters
  • Filter Housings
  • Pocket bags
  • Rigid bags
  • Pleated panels
  • Paint stop Filter
  • Filter Bags/socks
  • Panel Filters
  • Controllers
  • Filter rolls
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Wing Cleaning components
  • Valve Spares

Get more for your money

Direct Equivalent Spares

Alternatively, if you’d rather save money, we can provide you with a direct equivalent that was made to the same specifications as the original but doesn’t carry the same price.

We can provide samples, along with data sheets working with you to save you a lot of money. A cost effective solution that won’t affect system effectiveness, only give you a bit more room in your operational budget.  


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