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COSHH compliant LEV servicing on all LEV extraction systems at a variety of customer sites. We thoroughly inspect all equipment in accordance with HSE guidelines, including hoods, fans, filters, and ductwork ensuring that all equipment is accurately assessed, endeavouring you to achieve optimum effectiveness and longevity from your LEV system.

What is a LEV service inspection?

Regular LEV system maintenance enhances the efficiency of industrial air filtration and extraction equipment and systems. Our team of experienced engineers are well-equipped to service all types of oil mist, dust, and fume extraction equipment. This will enable us to look at the general health of your system, it’s effectiveness and diagnose any faults.

Benefits of a LEV Service Inspection

Overall, a service with a good report can help you understand the health and status of your system. It can also give:

  • Increased system efficiency
  • Less production downtime
  • Reduced long term costs
  • Better protection to employees
  • Diagnose issues before they become

  a serious problem

  • Help pass LEV tests

What we offer

LEV Extraction Services offers service inspections and maintenance packages to meet the needs of all customers. With comprehensive maintenance packages, we have been assisting businesses in maintaining their LEV systems and providing pollution-free workplaces.

LEV Servicing Inspection

LEV service inspections assess the condition of:

  • Filters
  • Filter
  • Frames
  • Shaker Frames, motors and timers
  • Reverse Jet Systems
  • Waster bin seals
  • Rotary Valve (if applicable)
  • Fan components – speed & direction
  • Explosion panels (if applicable)
  • Ductwork, Flex Hoses & Connections
  • Dampers & Valves
  • DP & Pressure gauges Cleaning
  • Controller Electrical connections / wiring & panel
  • Overall condition of the LEV system
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Bespoke maintenance package

We fully understand that some organisations may require a bespoke servicing package to suit their needs. This may be larger organisations or people who may not have the time or in-house resources to deal with the level of servicing their system may require.

To provide this level of service, we will:

Conduct an initial assessment of your system, taking into account your procedures, workplace, operators, and processes. We will identify any design flaws and/or necessary remedial work to ensure that the system is legally compliant and working efficiently, so it passes its test.

Develop a work schedule that identifies which systems are fully operational and which require repairs or improvements. This will give you an accurate understanding of what needs to be done now and, in the future, such as filter changes in six months, which aids in planning.

If any of your systems are failing and visited by HSE, this work schedule will serve as an action plan. This means that you can avoid the 21-day notice to repair failing systems. Perform the required LEV servicing and testing.

Our team examines every system, ensuring they continue to operate effectively. This gives you peace of mind that all of your systems, even if you have a large number, are well-maintained and will pass their annual test.


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