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We will provide a COSHH compliant LEV system that minimises exposure to vapour, mist, dust or other airborne contaminants. Designed and installed by our team of competent engineers; for all sectors and businesses nationwide.

What is a good LEV system installation?

To be effective in protecting the employee(s), it is important that it is of good design, is fit for purpose.

Good design and being fit for purpose are the crucial initial considerations to ensure the effectiveness of the system. Where the process changes and additions or changes are needed the overall design should be reconsidered so the system remains effective. Creeping additions and extensions of the system can be a temptation for expediency, but lead to totally ineffective systems. If a system is redesigned, it also needs to be re-commissioned.

Examples of poor design:

  • The extract fan system is sized too small and the hood cannot contain or capture the contaminants.
  • The fume hood is placed in an area where there is sporadic cross draughts or insufficient supply air and the inward flow is challenged.
  • A hood may have been designed without proper consideration of the work being done; the fit is incorrect and it may be impossible for the employee to use the system effectively; it may introduce ergonomic or manual-handling hazards.

For This specific reason we always start off with a free site survey. This will allow us to gather all of your operational and business requirements suitable for your specific needs.

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For a free site survey, simply fill in the form and we will be in touch.”


Our speciality is developing specialised LEV extraction solutions. With the help of our passionate group of P602 design engineers, we develop specialised solutions that can be used to several processes and sectors. These solutions guarantee adherence to the most recent HSE rules, resulting in the best results


We’ll provide all the required equipment for the job. We provide the necessary equipment for a thorough LEV system installation customised to your demands, from providing the necessary capture hoods to highvelocity cowls.


Our services encompass the entire project lifecycle, offering a turnkey installation solution that encompasses site surveys and meetings, a dedicated project design engineer, and top-tier customer support.



AAfter finalising the system’s commissioning, our engineers can conduct vital training sessions to instruct your staff on safe and proficient operation of the system to its maximum capability.


We have such confidence in the equipment included in our installation that we provide a 12-month installation warranty.


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